The Silent Sister

The Silent Sister - Diane Chamberlain When Riley MacPherson’s father passes away she is left with the daunting task of packing up his house, getting it ready to sell. When the attorney informs her that her father left his pipe collection to an “acquaintance” Riley thinks it odd. While informing the recipient of the unexpected bequest, a strange conversation ensues regarding Riley’s sister, Lisa. Lisa had committed suicide twenty years ago so Riley shrugs it off as the ramblings of a confused old woman. Yet, as Riley continues to go through her father’s things more and more questions come to light. Could it be true? Could Riley’s sister have faked her suicide to escape something even worse?

I read this book shortly after reading “Reconstructing Amelia” and cannot help but draw comparisons between two books with such similar subject matter. This book is also written on parallel time lines – Riley’s present and Lisa’s past. As Riley puts together the story of Lisa we learn much more about both characters. The book is also an excellent commentary of what families do for each other and unforeseen consequences of those actions.

It was an interesting read.