The Table of Less Valued Knights

The Table of Less Valued Knights - Marie Phillips Sir Humphrey Du Val was demoted to the table of less valued knights (rectangular, in case you were wondering) after an unfortunate incident involving his less than faithful wife. Although the knights still dine with the Knights of the Round Table, they are definitely “less valued” – served last, often ridiculed and NEVER given any quests. Now really, what is a knight without a quest to go on? Just another man who owns a suit of armor he cannot put to good use. One night, after having one too many cups of mead and after all the other knight have long gone to bed, Sir Humphrey is sitting at the table feeling sorry for himself when what should appear but a damsel in distress. Not wanting to appear foolish in front of this winsome young lady, and most definitely wanting to redeem himself in the king’s eyes, our hero does not inform her that his is no longer, technically, a Knight of the Round Table.

However, all quests are not created equally and we soon discover that neither are all knights, nor all damsels in distress.

If you are looking for historical fiction that truly represents what we have come to know as Camelot don’t even bother to pick up this book. If you are looking for an amusing story populated with a giant, an elephant, The Lady of the Lake, The Crone of the Castle and of course, the enchanted sword then pick up this book and be prepared to chuckle to yourself as you read.