First Impressions: Or, A Cautionary Tale of Pride and Prejudice

First Impressions: Or, A Cautionary Tale of Pride and Prejudice - Charlie Lovett *I received this in a Goodreads “First Reads” giveaway*

Sophie Collingwood grew up in a house where the library door was usually locked and the room itself was used to impress guests. No one ever read the books. Sophie never understood this, as she was an avid reader who would have loved nothing more than to hide herself away in the library amongst all those books. As a young girl Sophie was invited to visit her Uncle Bertram in London and Uncle Bertram LOVED books, believing they were meant to be read. Over the years Sophie and her Uncle developed a close relationship as he taught her all about books and shared his books in particular. After University Sophie moves to London and begins working at an antique booksellers, where she receives two unusual requests for the same rare book. This book my prove that that Sophie’s literary heroine, Jane Austin, may have plagiarized Pride and Prejudice. And so the hunt begins … will Sophie be able to prove Ms. Austen was the original author of the famous work or will she have to discredit her?

After reading The Bookman’s Tale I was quite excited to receive this in the giveaway. Unfortunately I did not get to it as quickly as I had hoped and it languished on the shelf for a couple of months (sorry Goodreads). I am sorry I waited to read it. Once again Mr. Lovett weaves together the past and the present to give us an enjoyable book. A little bit of literary history, a little bit of intrigue and a little romance make for a very enjoyable read. Although The Bookman’s Tale remains my favorite of the two, if you read and enjoyed that one you will undoubtedly enjoy First Impressions as well.