Saint Odd

Saint Odd: An Odd Thomas Novel - Dean Koontz Odd Thomas is back where it all started, Pico Mundo where his quiet, happy life was turned upside down by a group of cultists blowing up a mall and killing his girlfriend. Since that happened Odd has traveled to some interesting places, sometimes alone and sometimes in the company of the spirits only he can see. He has had some strange adventures and made some good, if equally strange, friends. Odd knows that this trip home is not simply a homecoming. He has been drawn back to Pico Mundo because the cultists are coming back to finish what they started with the mall. They want to reek havoc on the little town and Odd is the only one who can stop them.

Coincidentally the Carnival is back in Pico Mundo as well, but of course Odd knows there is no such thing as coincidence. He makes his way back to the gypsy fortune telling machine where he and Stormy received their first fortune card, but this time, no matter how many quarters he inserts into the slot all the cards come out blank. Odd understands that this does not bode well for his personal future, but does it foretell the town’s future as well?

I’m sure I don’t have to include a spoiler alert when I say that this is the final installment in the Odd Thomas series. With that being said, as expected, all the familiar Pico Mundo faces are present and accounted for. If anyone is considering this book I would strongly suggest starting at the beginning of the series, as this entry would definitely not be considered a stand-alone. For a fan of the books I can admit that it was nice to revisit with the Sheriff and Ozzie Boone again. Also reappearing were some of the more recent additions to the series such as Annamaria and Edie Fisher. Mr. Koontz even gave his readers a few new and quite captivating characters. I don’t know what it says about me but I missed the Bodochs – they should have been back for this installment too – despite Odd’s quite satisfactory explanation as to why they were absent.

Once it was clearly established exactly why Odd was drawn back to town the story took off and became a real page-turner. Odd was as delightfully odd as I have come to expect (or to hope for as that trait was weak in some of the other installments) but with a bit of a harder edge to him. He was definitely a man on a mission in this one. We know that Odd “wrote” these books as a personal diary and entrusted them to Ozzie Boone (the resident Pico Mundo writer) to publish them. Ozzie titled them as well. As fitting as Saint Odd is it could just as easily have been called Commando Odd. Nothing like finishing up in a blaze of glory!