Agent 6

Agent 6 - Tom Rob Smith Leo Demidov has once again changed careers and is no longer a member of Russia’s secret police but because of his former career is he is still very much on the government radar. When his wife Raisa and his daughters, Elena and Zoya, are invited to take part in a “Peace Tour” to New York City Leo is informed that he cannot travel with them. Leo does not want his family to go but his wife and daughters are committed to participating. Leo’s instinct was correct and tragedy strikes leaving Leo alone and totally devastated. Leo wants nothing more than to travel to New York City to use his investigative talents to determine what really happened, but of course his request is once again denied. Leo’s disappointment and grief do not decrease and 15 years later he finds himself in Afghanistan, addicted to drugs and aiding in fighting a war he cares nothing about. During his adventures he meets two young women who help turn his life around.

The unlikely trio finally do end up in New York City where Leo finally uncovers the answers he has waited so long to find.

This is the final instalment in the Child 44 trilogy, a series that started with a non-stop, page-turning story I had a hard time putting down. Mr. Smith’s writing talents, exciting action and extensive research carry through to both of the sequels but unfortunately that is where the comparisons end. I found this book was rather disappointing. It started out wonderfully, but as Leo’s personal decline continues through the book so did the story. Spanning almost 30 years, it seemed as if Mr. Smith ran out of steam and wanted to move the story along to get it done. Leo’s family takes a back seat in this book while Leo travels the world. That was too bad because it would have been nice to learn more about the characters I became invested in during the first two books. With the introduction of the two women in Afghanistan, once again, it seemed as if Mr. Smith tired of Zoya and Elena and, for a little change, simply substituted two new women into Leo’s life.

Admittedly, I did not enjoy this one as much as Child 44 or even The Secret Speech but I did find it worth reading as a conclusion to the series.