Where They Found Her

Where They Found Her - Kimberly McCreight Molly Sanderson and her family moved to Ridgedale to try and start over after the traumatic stillbirth of her second child. Gradually putting her life back together again she is enjoying the University town’s quiet lifestyle – her husband happily teaching at the University, her daughter making new friends in grade school and Molly even started making new friends and working as the Arts and Events writer for the local paper. The paper employs a “hard news” reporter who happens to be out of town when a body is discovered in a creek just off University property. Molly is asked if she would fill in and she readily agrees feeling herself up to the challenge. That was before anyone knew the body was that of a newborn baby girl. That shines an entirely different light on things and now Molly is not quite so sure she can handle the story (nor is anyone else) but the more she delves into it the more she discovers that her new home town maybe anything but the sleepy University town she thought it was.

I had high expectations for this book because I had enjoyed Ms. McCreight’s “Reconstructing Amelia” so much. When I began reading this book I was slightly disappointed. It started off a little slow and felt somehow disjointed. Then I got the characters all straight in my mind and it turned into one of those books that picks up rhythm and momentum with each turn of the page. This is definitely a thriller/who-dunn-it murder mystery (one old, one new). But it also so much more than that; it’s a story about mothers and daughters (both good and bad), small town secrets (both old and new) and the sometimes tenuous bonds and bold decisions that hold a marriage together (or not). As she did with “Reconstructing Amelia” Ms. McCreight got me on her hook and was slowly reeling me in towards an ending that I thought I saw coming. Just as I was nodding my head in resignation of the outcome she yanked at the reel and I was in the bottom of the boat flopping around in surprise and wondering what the hell just happened.

An excellent read and I look forward to more from Ms. McCreight. I think she is definitely an up and comer.